Paediatric First Aid

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If you’re a nursery nurse or childminder where being first aid qualified is a legal requirement of your job, or you’re just a parent or carer who simply wants peace of mind – the two-day Paediatric First Aid qualification is perfect for you.

Emergencies can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when a child is involved. Having first aid training equips you with the knowledge and skills to stay calm, assess the situation quickly, and take decisive action. This can not only improve the outcome for the child but also provide much-needed reassurance to yourself and others around you.

Knowing first aid demonstrates your commitment to the safety and well-being of children in your care. This can build trust and strengthen relationships with parents and guardians, who will appreciate your preparedness and ability to handle unexpected situations.

The 2 day qualification is the most comprehensive of our paediatric first aid qualifications, and on the course you will learn how to deal with a wide range of first aid situations within an early years setting including: managing an unresponsive casualty, paediatric CPR, choking, shock, bleeding and wounds, meningitis, hypothermia and heatstroke.

How Will the Paediatric First Aid Qualification Benefit You?

  • Created by first aid experts, providing you with quality training
  • Regulated by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and CCEA in Northern Ireland
  • Training is in accordance with the Department of Education Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework
  • Endorsed by CIMSPA, industry leaders in sport and physical activity
  • Will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with emergency situations, potentially saving a child’s life
  • It is useful for those working with children, such as nursery staff and those working in primary schools who are required to hold a relevant first aid qualification
  • When applying for jobs in the childcare sector, already holding a paediatric first aid qualification will not only give you more confidence, but also looks great to potential employers.

When You Get Your Qualification

  • It lasts for three years
  • Your course manual will act as a guide throughout the duration of your qualification, so it’s always there to refer back to should you ever need it.

How to Take Your Paediatric First Aid Qualification Further

If you’re a parent or you work in the childcare sector, and you enjoy being able to help people with your paediatric first aid qualification, you may consider completing some more of our first aid qualifications to broaden your skill set, or even a career in paediatric nursing.

Interested? Before You Get Started…

You’ll need to make sure you’ve met the following requirements before you attend your course:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be capable of kneeling on the floor to deliver CPR

Course Cost for Paediatric First Aid

  • £120 for an individual
  • Discounts for groups and businesses
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